WEEK 5 Reflections

It is interesting to see how Bloom’s Taxonomy has been revised to meet the challenges and demands of 21st Century students who are now more hands on and empowered in their own learning. It is only right to assume that activities would become more engaging.

By changing the nouns to verbs, the new taxonomy also helps teachers,(new and old), write learning objectives more accurately. Teachers can now write what they really want or expect the student to do. Instead of paper and pen being the primary source of assessment, performance takes over in different ways. This opens up a new and exciting set of  challenges for teachers who want to meet their students needs.

Understanding that the taxonomy is just a form of classification, I, as an instructor can identify more than one way for my students to produce what they know, which in turn helps me to better see the student’s abilities. However, I am still somewhat challenged with developing ways in which to address this in an online setting.

For so long I had been using the 1950’s version of the taxonomy. I began to think that my EFL students were incapable of producing anything to reflect what they knew on their own. I now realize that I had not allowed them to produce anything representative of their ability, therefore the problem is and has been with me, the instructor.

Lastly, the idea of cultural attitudes towards plagiarism is an area that I deal with on a daily basis here in Saudi Arabia. Cheating has different connotations and not all are seen as bad or inappropriate. For example, it is common for a student to forget to cite their sources within the text of their writing( on purpose) and only reference at the end. What happens is that since so much is taken directly from the source, the instructors have a hard time figuring out how much is the student’s actual work. This is  due to habit from writing in high school.

My question of how to change this is still unanswered but I am hoping that as I continue to have access to more information and ideas, I will be able to develop a viable tool to not only detect but also deter plagiarism in Saudi Arabia’s schools.



One thought on “WEEK 5 Reflections

  1. Mahasin,
    Very insightful post. You’re in a challenging setting, but you can — and will– figure things out! I know you can. Even the hardest part, like controlling plaigiarism.

    I love your words, “It is only right to assume that activities would become more engaging.”
    And I think, as with all technology, things change so we have to change too! Which means better engagement, particularly for the online student!



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