WEEK 6 Reflections

Rubrics, Rubrics and More Rubrics!

As I think back on my early years of schooling. I can only wonder how much better I would have done if I had known exactly what was expected of me as a student. It is amazing to see how much more a student can achieve  when they are clear about the delivery that is needed.

The idea of being able to decide how well I want to do on a project is very liberating for a student I can imagine.  To be able to say, “hey this is what my teacher wants, and this is what I have given her in order to achieve a grade of____”, is empowering. Where were these rubrics then? How did teachers do without them? I actually transformed my thinking while reading and learning more about rubrics and I can honestly say that I will never see learning and teaching the same, especially in the area of assessment.  Just the idea of giving  immediate feedback can do so much to assist the student.

Another point about rubrics is the student’s ability to self-regulate, to decide just how much they want to learn and to accept the responsibility for their own learning. Rubrics are really the stepping stone to great course design and  had I never been introduced to rubrics this way I would still be missing a very important part of this process.

Unfortunately, where I am in the world, rubrics are still not used as much as they could and should be. They are still written by administrators who are not in the class rooms and have no real connection to the students during the learning process( for lack of a better explanation.) I still do not quite understand this but, I am taking away valuable information that should allow me the right to write my own rubrics for my own students.  I now have the essential tools and the proof I need to show students why they have achieved or not, in a specific area.

I will never look at learning objectives in the same way.


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