As the course winds down and students are expected to produce more, I am realizing that putting together an assessment takes time and forethought. Today, teachers have to try to assess as authentically as possible and I see now that this can be an issue. During the process of creating my assessment toolbox, I oftentimes found myself wanting to do what I knew best,(paper and pen, Q&A and the like). I had to force myself to think out of the box and by doing that I was able to question myself; what would I like to do as a student to show what I knew? Was I really satisfied with the normal quizzes and tests routinely given? Was I up to the challenge to work on a project that required collaboration with others? After answering these questions, then and only then was I able to  discover what else is out there in the world of assessment. It has been a learning experience to say the least, one that I do not wish to end, no doubt.

I started out wanting to move up the SAMR ladder, even though I had read that it is okay to choose one level or the other, as long as it works. I wanted more and I also knew that my students required more from me. I now find myself using more technology in the classroom for assignments and projects when I can. Female students are banned from having smart technology in the classroom that is not monitored strictly by an IT person, so it gets difficult most times.   I have had to meet my students outside of class time away from the campus to work on collaborative projects and then get special permission when they are ready to present them. Its a big step for me as I am a novice at technology and still learning. I would guess that I am closer to the APPLY/AUGMENTATION stage than I was at the beginning of the course and I will probably work on as many projects as I can at this stage.

I am hopeful that as I learn with my students, I can then turn this knowledge into a source of motivation and inspiration as well as acquire skills to become a proficient online instructor in the future.


2 thoughts on “WEEK 7 REFLECTIONS

  1. Fantastic post, Mahasin.

    Your words, “I had to force myself to think out of the box ” resonate deeply with me. Sometimes, we just have to pretend like we know what we’re doing — even if we don’t — to really learn.

    I hope you can utilize greatly all your assessment skills you’ve learned for your future teaching!


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