As this course comes to an end, I must say to all of my classmates I really enjoyed your comments, advice and your shared experiences. I have learned so much from this experience and the opportunity to study online has opened up a whole new world to me. As each module opened week by week, I felt like a kid opening a present. For some of you this may seem a bit childish, but from where I come from in the world, this is a little piece of heaven. To be able to express your views without being censored, to be  able to ask questions without being ridiculed or worse is empowering. Each and every module taught me so much more and I am a better teacher for this reason. I continue to feel truly educated each course that I take because I am now responsible for my own learning.

There were times when I found myself at work challenging the traditional way of doing things but this time with proof from the many activities we were exposed to in this course and managers listened.

I am so glad that we went over rubrics and their importance. Learning how to write effective rubrics will make my teaching a lot more clear in terms of what I expect from my students. I also think it actually will save time in helping me prepare my lessons as well.

I don’t like saying goodbyes and I have learned throughout this Certificate Program that “farewell” is appropriate because we tend to meet again somewhere in cyberspace at UWStout’s amazing courses.

So, farewell for now my fellow classmates, I wish you all the very best in your futures and I truly hope to see you somewhere out there in that world of so many possibilities known as Cyberspace.


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